Acoustical Sheetmetal Incorporated

Acoustical Sheetmetal Incorporated or ASI provides environmental and sound attenuating packaging for on-site power generation and ancillary equipment from the most inexpensive skintight factory-like packaging to extreme, sound attenuation, heavy duty, industrial environment ready units and fueling systems.

We have three facilities located in Virginia Beach, Virginia , each built with the express purpose of assembling power generation projects and storing power generation equipment.

Our overall property is 5 1/2 Acres. The main manufacturing facilities are over 100,000 sqft of space. A second facility is 11,000 sqft of clean storage facility designed to warehouse customer equipment and material. We have an acre of staging space and a 2000 sqft administrative space.


Sound Attenuated Enclosures For Emergency Power Generators

• Steel frame, all aluminum clad structures utilizing fixed sound attenuating louvers or baffled intake and exhaust plenums to reduce average apparent noise level of internal equipment outside the enclosure.
• Vertical or horizontal discharges with a wide variety of design approaches to meet site-specific requirements.
• A complete range of electrical building accessories.

Weather-Resistant and Weather-Proof Enclosures

• Cost efficient, professional enclosures for a variety of applications including generator sets, control rooms and other equipment.
• Drop over to concrete pad, with or without bases or tanks.
• ASI Enclosures can be specified to meet NFPA, BOCA, IBC and most local, state and federal codes.

Generator Electrical Systems Installation and Support

Enclosure installation of the full range of electrical support equipment including transfer switches, distribution equipment, control panels, disconnect switches and a multitude of other electrical and electronic systems designed to support on-site power generation.

Built-In Intake And Exhaust Noise Abatement Systems For Existing Buildings

Custom applications for any existing structure.

Truck and Trailer Mounted Generators, Tanks and Control/Distribution Systems

Acoustical Sheetmetal Incorporated provides mobile solutions of every possible type. Whether it is heavy duty truck mounted tank/enclosure and electrical systems for your generator, flat-bed mounted enclosures, modified ISO containers, modified customer mobile trailers or tow-behind trailer solutions, ASI is your source for mobile on-site power generation!

Fuel Tanks and Fuel Systems

• ASI can meet your fuel system needs with base tanks, day tanks and fuel system modifications and interconnection.
• ASI constructs some of the strongest, safest and most durable tanks in the industry including UL 142 Sub-Base Tanks (File MH 15323) and UL 2085: Fire and Impact Resistant Sub-Base Tanks (File MH 17561).
• Tanks available in accordance with NFPA Codes: NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code, NFPA 37: Installation/use of Stationary Combustion Engines and NFPA 110: Emergency and Standby Power.

Exhaust Silencers

• When your noise application is crucial, select ASI designed silencers.
• Acoustical Sheetmetal “Super Critical” sound absorber silencers are available with noise reduction greater than 45 dB/A @ 3 feet.
• The noise reduction is guaranteed.

Ladders, platforms, stairs, access and protection systems

ASI provides steel and aluminum approach steps, ladders, maintenance platforms and icicle protection for our products or yours.

Specialty Products

Let ASI manufacture your enclosures for pumps, electronic equipment, HVAC and other specialty products. ASI has extensive experience in the manufacture of precise, climate controlled, weatherproof enclosures for numerous specialty products.

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