Mr. Dieter Steinhoff founded Acoustical Sheetmetal Incorporated in April 1994. Mr. Steinhoff began with three employees working in a small shop behind an auto parts store in beautiful downtown Virginia Beach, Virginia. From those modest beginnings, ASI has grown to its present complement of over 100 full time employees including Designers, Foremen, Sheet Metal Fabricators, Welders, Electricians and skilled Laborers.

The building and grounds cover over 80,000 square feet. More than 1000 enclosure systems have been produced with deliveries to Singapore, Puerto Rico, Afghanistan, China, Europe and all over the continental United States and Canada.

Dieter Steinhoff, a native of Hamburg, Germany came to the United States in 1984, fell in love with our great country and decided to stay. Rather than direct sales and advertising, he has relied on a superior product, innovative and timely solutions to his customer’s requirements, and word-of-mouth referrals. ASI products are popular with engineers and distributors who demand quality and precision and who rely on ASI’s expertise to provide turnkey solutions, thus freeing them up to focus on their other job demands.

ASI enjoys a tight production schedule and is working at full capacity. “While we have excellent facilities now, we expect to continue to expand and eventually relocate to a larger location within our great city in the coming years” explains Mr. Steinhoff. He does not take sole credit for the company’s success however. “We are pleased to have a dedicated and loyal family of employees”, he pointed out. “We try to keep our employees motivated, well paid, safe, and happy. I think we’ve been successful in that we have only in one year had a layoff for lack of work and there is always plenty of overtime for those who want it. And we are always looking for motivated, honest, and knowledgeable women and men – particularly sheet metal fabricators and welders to join our ASI family.”

Mr. Steinhoff and his wife, Dr. Petra E. Snowden, a retired professor of Old Dominion University, take pride in the training and the furthering of the professional education of their employees.

They take a personal interest and look to their employees as an extended multi-cultural family.

Michael S. Ireland, Ph.D., the company’s Executive Vice President and Mr. Steinhoff’s assistant explains, “ Our family of employees at ASI are proud of our diversity and the strength this brings to our company”.

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