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The Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (“CMEEC”) is a publicly directed joint action supply agency formed by the state’s municipal electric utilities in 1976 under authority of the state’s General Statutes.

CMEEC is owned by the municipal utilities in the cities of Groton and Norwich, the Borough of Jewett City, and the Second (South Norwalk) and Third (East Norwalk) Taxing Districts of the City of Norwalk, Connecticut. CMEEC also provides all the power required by other utilities participating in CMEEC including the Town of Wallingford Department of Public Utilities, the Bozrah Light and Power Company , and the Mohegan Tribal Utility Authority.

CMEEC is responsible for the financing, acquisition and construction of generating resources and implementation of power supply contracts for the purpose of furnishing low-cost and reliable electric power to its Members and participants.

Electric energy purchase contracts and other resources obtained by CMEEC supply power to each of the community-owned utilities. The utilities in turn distribute the power at retail to local homes and businesses at the lowest prices in Connecticut. Connecticut’s municipal utilities supply electric power to over 66,000 customers including some of the largest and most prominent industries in Connecticut.

Acoustical Sheetmetal, Inc. was hired to manufacture twenty self contained, weather protective, sound attenuated, walk in type enclosures with 2,500KW DQLC Cummins diesel generator sets, free standing circuit breakers, roof mounted SCR systems and a separate control room.

The generators are used primarily for peak times, running an estimated 3-4 hours per run for a total of 300 hours per year. The units are remotely operated from its offices in Norwich, CT. and backed up by Norwich Public utility Control Center.

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The global leader in rental power, AGGREKO supplies a wide range of temporary power generation solutions including generator rentals, load banks, and electrical distribution.

AGGREKO has supplied power for the 2011 US Open, The NCAA Men’s Final Four, The Superbowl, and the FIFA World Cup, just to name a few.

Acoustical Sheetmetal, Inc. manufactured ten complex weather protective sound attenuated, drop over type enclosures with a base for a 334 KW GFBE Cummins natural gas generator set with radiator and generator mounted circuit breaker.

These enclosures will be utilized for their rental division and will be used over and over where ever back up power is needed.

Project: AGGREKO QSK19 Power Modules

Location: Mobile Units traveling to different sites

Market Segment: Rental Power

Enclosure Size: 240”L x 96”W x 102”H (Includes base)

Customer: Cummins Power Systems

Owner: AGGREKO North America

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The Bella Vitae Foundation

The Bella Vitae Foundation, a non-profit benefit corporation in Virginia Beach, VA., teamed up with Acoustical Sheetmetal, Inc., after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010.

A small Generac diesel generator and 50 gallon single wall tank was constructed and shipped to an orphanage in Haiti as a donation from both organizations to show love and support to the people of the country who had suffered so much loss.

“The Bella Vitae Foundation promotes and defends the human person in ways that enable them to live more beautifully.”

We were glad to get pictures from the orphanage of the generator in place and being utilized. Notice the goat sitting right next to the generator.

Location: Haiti

Generator: 8.5KW Generac diesel

Customer: Bella Vitae Foundation

Owner: Haitian Orphanage

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Millstone generates 2,097 megawatts from its two operational units – enough electricity to power 500,000 homes.

Unit 1 began commercial operation in December 1970, and ceased operating in July 1998. It is being decommissioned. Unit 2 began commercial operation in December 1975, and Unit 3 began operating in April 1986. Dominion acquired the station in March 2001.

Millstone is located in southeast Connecticut, three miles west-southwest of New London. The station was named after the site’s historic granite quarry that produced high-quality millstones and structural building granite.

ASI was contracted to manufacture a weather protective, explosion resistant, sound attenuated enclosure made from galvanized steel framing for a 500 KW DFEK Cummins diesel generator set with a 800 AMP wall mounted panelboard.

Project Profile: Millstone

Location: Waterford, CT.

Market Segment: Nuclear Facility

Enclosure Size: 316”L x 138”W x 120”H (Includes Hoods and Base)

Customer: Cummins Power Systems

Owner: Millstone Nuclear Power Plant

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Throughout the global air transportation system, safety is the paramount issue. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shares with aviation authorities worldwide mutual responsibility for international aviation safety and security.

The FAA fulfills its international mission in a number of ways including participating with other nations in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and with regional organizations to establish international standards for the safe and efficient operation of civil aircraft.

The variety of U.S. aviation technology and its diverse applications by the FAA create unique opportunities for aviation authorities throughout the world to benefit from FAA experience.

A weather protective, sound attenuated, walk in type enclosure with base for a 1,400 KW GQKA Cummins natural generator set was manufactured for the FAA facility in Oklahoma City. This generator enclosure meets seismic zone 2 requirements.

Project Name: FAA

Location: Oklahoma City

Enclosure Size: 402”L x 144”W x 170”H

Customer: Cummins Power Generation

Owner: Federal Aviation Administration

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IU Willets

Manhasset-Lakeville Water District serves about 45,000 customers through over 10,000 individual service connections within a 10.2 square mile service area.

The district produces its supply of potable water through the use of eighteen (18) separate wells located at thirteen (13) different sites throughout the Manhasset-Lakeville area.

A new production well is currently under construction at the I.U. Willets Road facility located in New Hyde Park. The well is being financed by proceeds from the sale of the property. ASI’s weather protective enclosure will be placed on site at the new IU Willets Plant.

Project Profile: IU Willets Water Plant

Location: North Hills, NY

Market Segment: Public Utility

Enclosure Size: 256”L x 90”Wx 162”H

Customer: Cummins Power Systems

Owner: Manhasset Lakeville Water District

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Smithsonian POD 3

Designed and built in 1983, the modern, precast concrete center is a research, conservation, and collection storage facility providing optimum environments for the storage, preservation, and study of Smithsonian collections.

The original 524,000-square-foot facility has four large collection storage bays, referred to as pods, and an office-laboratory complex. The 120,000-square-foot fifth pod recently constructed provides code-compliant housing and laboratory space for natural history specimens stored in alcohol.

Pod 3 was originally intended for the storage of natural history specimens preserved in alcohol. The National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) engaged in a lengthy design process to complete the installation of a steel collections storage structure in Pod 3; this was necessary as the pod was not constructed with intermediate floors in order to permit maximum flexibility.

In the face of fire and life-safety codes and the needs of the collections, it became impractical to upgrade Pod 3 to meet the standards required for alcohol storage. The alcohol collections now in Pod 3 are being moved to the newly completed Pod 5.

This will free up valuable space in Pod 3 for the storage of other Smithsonian collections requiring high-quality environmental conditions and security, including physical anthropology collections, specimens needing cold storage or special gas storage, and art works. These collections are currently stored in substandard space in the museums and in leased space that does not meet climate control requirements for the long-term preservation of collections.

ASI manufactured a weather protective, sound-attenuated, drop over enclosure with for a 400 KW REOZDD Kohler diesel generator set for POD 3.

Project: Smithsonain POD 3

Location: Washington DC

Market Segment: Museum

Enclosure Size: 240”L x 96”W x 119”H (includes Hoods and Base)

Customer: Fidelity Engineering

Owner: The National Museum of Natural History.

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