Electrical Distribution & Integrated Systems

ASC electricians are licensed and specifically skilled in onsite power generation, electrical distribution systems and the integration of customer testing and monitoring equipment.

ASC can provide generator mounted breakers, disconnect switches and custom solutions designed for your site requirements.

ASC routinely provides local, regional, national and international code compliant electrical distribution systems and is qualified to meet your most difficult specifications.

Acoustical Sheetmetal Company

Acoustical Sheetmetal Company (ASC) provides sound attenuated and weather protective packaging for on-site power generation equipment. Our product ranges from economical skin-tight enclosures to entire multi-unit power plants.

We have three facilities in Virginia Beach, Virginia, each built with the express purpose of manufacturing power generation packaging and the storage of power generation equipment.

Sound Solutions for On-Site Power Generation

ASC is a leading manufacturer of sound attenuated enclosures and fuel tanks for the on-site power generation industry.