ASC Projects

The following are samples of specialized packaging projects illustrating varied markets, geographic locations and customer requirements served by ASC.


The Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (“CMEEC”) is a publicly directed joint action supply agency formed by the state’s municipal electric utilities in 1976 under authority of the state’s General Statutes.

Acoustical Sheetmetal was hired to manufacture twenty self contained, weather protective, sound attenuated, walk in type enclosures with 2,500KW DQLC Cummins diesel generator sets, free standing circuit breakers, roof mounted SCR systems and a separate control room.

The generators are used primarily for peak times, running an estimated 3-4 hours per run for a total of 300 hours per year. The units are remotely operated from its offices in Norwich, CT. and backed up by Norwich Public utility Control Center.


The global leader in rental power, AGGREKO supplies a wide range of temporary power generation solutions including generator rentals, load banks, and electrical distribution.

Acoustical Sheetmetal manufactured ten complex weather protective sound attenuated, drop over type enclosures with a base for a 334 KW GFBE Cummins natural gas generator set with radiator and generator mounted circuit breaker.

These enclosures will be utilized for their rental division and will be used over and over where ever back up power is needed.

ASC JOB# 68841009


Millstone generates 2,097 megawatts from its two operational units – enough electricity to power 500,000 homes.

ASC was contracted to manufacture a weather protective, explosion resistant, sound attenuated enclosure made from galvanized steel framing for a 500 KW DFEK Cummins diesel generator set with a 800 AMP wall mounted panelboard.

ASC JOB# 58651008


Throughout the global air transportation system, safety is the paramount issue. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shares with aviation authorities worldwide mutual responsibility for international aviation safety and security.

A weather protective, sound attenuated, walk in type enclosure with base for a 1,400 KW GQKA Cummins natural generator set was manufactured for the FAA facility in Oklahoma City. This generator enclosure meets seismic zone 2 requirements.

ASC JOB# 64450409


Manhasset-Lakeville Water District serves about 45,000 customers through over 10,000 individual service connections within a 10.2 square mile service area.

Project Profile: IU Willets Water Plant

ASC JOB# 58651008


Designed and built in 1983, the modern, precast concrete center is a research, conservation, and collection storage facility providing optimum environments for the storage, preservation, and study of Smithsonian collections.

ASC manufactured a weather protective, sound-attenuated, drop over enclosure with for a 400 KW REOZDD Kohler diesel generator set for POD 3.

Acoustical Sheetmetal Company

Acoustical Sheetmetal Company (ASC) provides sound attenuated and weather protective packaging for on-site power generation equipment. Our product ranges from economical skin-tight enclosures to entire multi-unit power plants.

We have three facilities in Virginia Beach, Virginia, each built with the express purpose of manufacturing power generation packaging and the storage of power generation equipment.

Sound Solutions for On-Site Power Generation

ASC is a leading manufacturer of sound attenuated enclosures and fuel tanks for the on-site power generation industry.