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At Acoustical Sheetmetal Company, safety is our number one priority – just ask any one of our employees. From day one, we have a thorough safety policy introduction as part of the onboarding process. To keep safety top of mind, we hold weekly safety trainings to discuss topics related to recent incidents, near misses, and seasonal concerns, such as heat stress prevention.


In September 2022, we achieved 180 days without an incident in all three of our plants. We celebrate these safety milestones as a team and continue to focus on improving safety at each of our facilities every day.

"Safety is the first thing we teach, the first thing we look for, and the thing we demand 100% participation from every employee in the company."

Michael Ireland

Executive VP Sales & Engineering

Tracking Safety Effectiveness

We use the Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for tracking the effectiveness of our safety program. The lower the number, the more effective your safety program.
In 2020, our rate was too high for our standards, so we refocused our efforts to increase safety measures and improved our training. In 2021, these steps helped us reduce our Total Recordable Incident Rate by 26%, but we still strived to be better. Year-to-date for 2022, it has been reduced by another 17% from the previous year. We are proud of our team for this impressive achievement and we're working to reduce it even further.
Total Recordable Incident Rate graph of the last 3 years