At ASC, quality is paramount. It encompasses all that we do and involves every level of the organization. We are committed to producing high-quality, inspected, and certified-packaged systems. This includes custom inspection protocols for each system produced with multiple gateways in the production process.  All equipment is signed off by our senior manufacturing leadership, with independent inspection by our Quality Control Manager.


ASC is ISO9001 certified with recurring internal training, third-party auditing, and instruction to ensure continuous improvement of our quality assurance systems. We conduct weekly management walk-throughs and inspections to ensure adherence to our quality policy, and inspections at several set intervals during the manufacturing process. Production activities are governed by processes, work instructions, RCA’s, NCR’s, and CAR’s.

In addition to the requirements of ISO9001, ASC holds multiple UL product listings which have their own quarterly quality inspection regimens.

QAS International ISO 9001:2015 registered company certificate no. US4213

ISO9001 Certified

✓ Recurring internal training

✓ Third-party auditing and instruction

✓ Continuous improvement of our quality assurance systems

Our Quality Policy

M02 Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2015 Clause 5.2.1, 5.2.2

ACOUSTICAL SHEETMETAL COMPANY (ASC) has established this quality policy to be consistent with the purpose and values of our organization. It provides a framework for setting and reviewing objectives as well as our commitment to continually improving our Quality Management System.

Customer Focus

ASC is committed to understanding the needs of our current and future customers, meeting their requirements and exceeding their expectations.


ASC management creates and maintains a working environment in which employees are fully involved in achieving our quality assurance objectives.


ASC is dedicated to the professional growth and development of our employees. Our team’s knowledge and expertise is paramount to achieving company goals with their involvement in the quality assurance process.

Process Approach 

ASC operates by team collaboration. We follow an interconnected process where each employee’s input is valued and appreciated.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

ASC uses proven information and historical data in all decisions related to our Quality Management System.


ASC is dedicated to continually improving all aspects of our Quality Management System.


This policy is available to all employees within the company and posted in designated locations in the office.