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Power Generation Packaging

Expect cost-efficient, sound-attenuated enclosures for emergency power generators that are custom made for you. We construct our enclosures out of various materials with internal high-strength steel tube frames mounted on structural bases and tanks. Licensed electricians install a full range of support equipment, including transfer switches, distribution equipment, control panels, disconnect switches and a multitude of other electrical and electronic systems designed to support on-site power generation.

Our design team has extensive experience designing for existing structures in a variety of applications including generators, control rooms, and other equipment, with thousands of successful projects across North America and internationally. We provide a wide variety of design approaches for directed path air intake and discharges to meet site-specific requirements with advanced CAD services and specification support.

ASC enclosures can be specified to meet NFPA, BOCA, IBC and most local, state and federal codes.

Customized for Your Project


Aluminum, steel, or architecturally clad

Vertical, horizontal, or directed path air intake and discharges

Weather-resistant and Weather-proof

Drop over to concrete pad, with or without bases or tanks


Generator electrical systems

Electrical support equipment


Experienced design team

Advanced CAD services and specification support